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~ The story beyond the blue~

blue wine

"Life is more then just living. Life is your blueprint you share with the world for those to learn, follow, and create in your footsteps ~Freddie F. Salinès


Throughout my childhood, my father had a special connection with all shades of blue:

from the tint of navy blue in the lenses of his eyeglasses, to his sky-blue driving gloves.

 He was also an avid collector of many precious blue pieces of jewelry.

They ranged from turquoise and topaz bracelets all the way down to the blue historical artifacts he would collect abroad while on military deployment.

All of these items complemented his rich and colorful personality.  



Upon his tragic departure, many of these precious heirlooms were lost and never found.  

Finding a way to express my father's unique sense and expression of blue to the world

became my dream and then our mission.


It's been quite an adventure. We've become very cognizant of how others have failed in many ways.  Nonetheless, we persisted in finding a way to produce a truly natural, organic, and delightful blend of nature, science, and taste.  A wine which matures throughout a natural fermentation and aging cycle, while retaining its transfixing color and also fully satisfying all the requirements of the FDA, TTB, and European Union.

With these institutional approvals, patents on our process and formula, and now growing acclaim, the dream has become reality.

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