1- 2019 vintage of Amour Geneve- 750ml ABV 12%


2- Peramo Anniversario Prosecco Rose & Pinot Bianco bottles -750ml  ABV 12%


3- Canei 3 Pack- ABV of all 9%

  • Vino Frizzante (Sweet Italian Rose)
  • Peach Muscat Blanc (Sweet Moscato) Light, Peach notes with balanced effervescence
  • Sweet Rosso ( Sweet Italian Blend) Tasting notes are very similar to a Sweet Lambrasco 


We have partnered with our Italian vineyard family to bring you the delectable Canei Collection. Canei Celebrates its 40th Anniversary, so us here at Amour Geneve thought why not celebrate with the world?


Tasting Notes of Amour Geneve and Peramo: A precise, focused palate. Light-bodied and semi-dry. It’s very layered and bright with light pineapple, peach, cooked-apple and stone aromas and flavors. It’s very subtle with lasting finish. With richness, high acidity, and good depth. Lovely to drink early, but will age nicely.


Serving Suggestion: An excellent aperitif or perfect with seafood, light pastas, fish, light salads,  and charcuterie board 


Anniversary of Love pack - 6 pack


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