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Oude Molen 100 Reserve is blended with matured Eaux de Vie for 5 years in French oak to give it a rich depth of smoothness and character.


Eaux de vie (French for spirits) is a clear, colorless brandy that is produced by means of fermentation and double distillation. The fruit flavor is typically very light if not aged in French Oak. 


ON THE NOSE - Dried apricots and raisins fill the nose, with whiffs of oak.


TASTE- A full, oak, but balanced  palate, with hints of spices give way to a subtle orange marmalade.


THE FINISH- Smooth for a blended brandy, perfectly balanced with aged Eaux de vie.


ABV- 45%

Pair well with a nice cigar 

100 Reserve French Oak Brandy- 5 year old

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