*This package includes a mini sample of our sweet Lambrusco and Amour Genéve Blue Wine.



Notes on Amour Genéve:

Amour Genève is an exclusive, one of a kind product. After having caused a sensation in Paris, Madrid, and London, this innovative product is now available in the United States.



Aroma of a spring rain in a floral, citrus fruit garden allows a joyful and pleasant experience before tasting.



Delightful light body with a crisp and refreshing balance. Notes of white peach, grapefruit, and citrus fruit with subtle minerality, which transitions into a smooth finish, allowing you to enjoy every sip.



Seafood, lean chicken, gourmet meats and cheese, light salads.


Best stored and served chilled at 40-45 F 


Alcohol Volume: 12.5%
Grape Variety: Verdejo, Nebbiolo

Origin: Spain, Italy

Notes on the Red:

Varietals: An innovative proprietary blend of Piedmont red grape varieties.

Tasting Notes: Luscious and enchanting, Canei Sweet Rosso shows scrumptious and provocative notes of fresh red berries combined with a tantalizing frizzante.

Serving Suggestions: Served chilled, Canei Sweet Rosso’s red refreshing bubbles are an amazing aperitif. Pairs well with pizza, pasta, Tex/Mex or Asian food or for simply sharing good times with friends.


Keep at 40-45  and serve chilled!


Sweet Lambrusco and Amour Genéve mini samplers

  • Enjoy the Red lips, Blue Sips event ladies!!! Cheers 

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