Canei Peach Muscat frizzante  (Sweet Italian Moscato) is created in Asti Italy. Known for its illustrious sweet wines, we wanted to structure a peach foundation from real peaches that are fermented with the muscat wine for 6 months in steel vats, presenting a perfect harmony of light, peach delicacy.



Light, Peach notes with balanced effervescence


Serving Suggestion: An excellent as a dessert wine with light pastries from pies to cobblers. Any dessert with fruit or berry components matches the natural fruitiness of these Moscato wines. Vanilla desserts: Sweet peach Moscato flavors harmonize with the creaminess of a crème brûlée, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or even rice pudding.  


Serve Chilled 40-45 F


2018 Canei Peach Frizzante *Sparkling*